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Montevideo Homes For Sale

Homes and Condos for Sale in Montevideo

The Montevideo neighborhood, bordered by Coleman Road to the north, Monteverde Drive to the east, and Puerto Vallarta Drive and Camden Avenue to the south, is a family-friendly neighborhood with a rich history. Once part of the Spanish land grant Rancho de los Capitancillos, Montevideo was for many years the vineyards of the Noviate of Los Gatos, producing Sacramental wines from original grape cuttings imported from France.

Today, Montevideo is home to 400 Shulte-Blackwell homes built between 1966 - 1971. Nestled against the edge of the foothills, Montevideo is home to The Clubhouse, a members-only swim club exclusively for the Montevideo community.

Montevideo is probably best known for its annual Fourth of July parade. People from all over the country – San Francisco, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Washington, D.C., New Orleans – who live on like-named streets as those found in the neighborhood, build extravagant floats and enjoy a down-home celebration. It is one of the largest private celebrations in Northern California.To view a video of one of the past parades, click here.

Montevideo Homes For Sale

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