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Living the Life in Almaden Valley

Explore Your Almaden Community

Almaden Valley is one of Silicon Valley’s most desirable addresses. Many of its neighborhoods offer large homes with plenty of space both inside and out. Stunning views of the city below can be had from many vantage points throughout the valley. There are many public parks and neighborhood swim clubs, so fitness and fun are always easy to fit into any busy schedule. Almaden offers many seasonal and special events throughout the year. There is always something fun to do! And some of the highest-ranking schools can be found in Almaden.

Almaden Schools

School 1 2MAlmaden Valley boasts some of the top-scoring schools in the Silicon Valley. API scores above 900 are the norm in Almaden schools. Almaden Valley schools offer rigorous curriculums, and many of the area schools are well known for their enrichment and creative arts programs. Almaden schools are diverse, and they welcome and celebrate all cultures.

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Almaden Parks & Recreation

Almaden Lake 8x10 v2 2MA wide variety of parks and recreation facilities can be found in Almaden Valley. From small parks with a single playground, to large open fields with multiple types of play equipment, kids can always find a neighborhood park in which to have fun. Adults (and kids alike), can enjoy the many neighborhood swim clubs, fitness centers, and private golf courses that offer stunning views. And one of California’s most historical sites can be found in Almaden. There is so much to explore, you’ll never get bored.

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Almaden Restaurants

La ForetThe Almaden Valley is diverse, and your dining options are no different. From inexpensive fast food and casual restaurants that include all types of ethnic cuisines, to fine dining and destination restaurants, your palate will always be pleased in Almaden.

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Almaden Local Events

Community Bocce 2MThere is always something going on in Almaden Valley. From their annual art and wine festival, to farmers markets, seasonal events, fun runs and hikes, there’s something for everyone in Almaden.

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